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Fifth week presentation

It’s been five weeks since I began working on a small city car. A one box car to be more specific, this is my first transportation project at artcenter at night. my main emphasis was on window exploration and vehicle … Continue reading

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First vehicle design.

(concept) Create a micro-buss or taxi that had great visibility for the driver and passengers. The design grew out of many little concept drawing I made during the ideation process, Designing it was the easy part but then thinking about … Continue reading

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Off Road Vehicle Concept.1.2

While brain storming Ideas for the Vehicle Concept I came up with borrowing ideas from insects and animals. These are three quick Idea-tions I came up with that in mind..

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What it might look like…

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Moleskine Pt.2 Final Comps

The Entire Moleskine book collection is great…And when I chose to design an ad for them for a class assignment I knew that would be fun to explore multiple concepts. For instance, the idea of these books having character or … Continue reading

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Moleskine Ad.

For my graphic design class we had to choose a unique product and generate 3 really good ads for the product. We began the process by generating thumbnail sketches then actual rough cut designs on photoshop, So here are a … Continue reading

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POP UP! Piece..

I created this piece in my 3D class as part of the name pop up assignment last spring. Yeah, I had fun with it .Thanks Heather Kurze

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