The art of screenprinting

Screen printing goes back many many years… I believe it’s one of the most ancient forms of printing (cave man old)..but back then you wouldn’t find people printing the same way we do today.In the good ol days they used actual silk from the silk worm and banana leaves of some sort to create elaborate stencils and beautiful prints of the emperors pets or the wealthy people’s textiles.This ancient art form is everywhere, from the t shirt on your back to the microchips in your tv or stereo. it truly is a beautiful versatile art form that is applicable on almost any flat surface. Although, printing on concave and convex surfaces is possible like mugs or hats, so I present you some works I’ve had the opportunity to produce at Pcc graphics communications dept. much love to kris,John,Erika and Dave also the amazing Murphy, Justin and Jason bigups to all the friends I’ve made in this dept. too rock on!









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2 Responses to The art of screenprinting

  1. nickelpin says:

    Whoa Mario these are amazing!!! Did you make multiples of these prints? Are any for sale? I love the x-eyed Mario graphic!

  2. Mario says:

    ;) thanks Nicole! I was taught by some real Print gurus, I got a few multiples of each laying around..I’ll post new stuff up soon

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