Moleskine Pt.2 Final Comps

The Entire Moleskine book collection is great…And when I chose to design an ad for them for a class assignment I knew that would be fun to explore multiple concepts. For instance, the idea of these books having character or an alter-ego…I thought would be cool… But all in all its just a book that holds up well and records your drawing, writings, etc.. But I kept landing on the idea that famous artist like Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso used one. I thought how well this idea would work on a giant billboard… So here are the final comps for the Moleskine ad.. Thanks Jerry Graves

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One Response to Moleskine Pt.2 Final Comps

  1. Renee says:

    tiiiight! that is crazy! you got mad talent mario!
    btw, the beats are crazy amazing too!

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